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If you’re like most people, living a long and healthy life is probably a high priority for you. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can impair your health, shorten your life expectancy, and reduce the quality of your life. More than ever, people are experiencing more stress, consuming more processed foods, and becoming less active. As a result, many health issues are on the rise, including:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Certain cancers
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Obesity
  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Anxiety and depression

These chronic conditions may lead to serious complications, including death at a much younger age. What can you do to increase longevity and improve your health and wellness at the same time? Understanding the science behind longevity and how antioxidants like ESS60 keep your body functioning at its best can help you take the first steps towards a longer, healthier life.

What is Longevity?

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By definition, longevity is the length of your individual life. Several factors determine life expectancy, including ethnicity, geographical location, lifestyle choices, and genetics. Still, in the United States, the average lifespan is currently 78.7 years. It’s important to note that longevity shouldn’t just be about the amount of time, but about the quality of life as well. The choices you make today can have a significant impact on how long you live and what those years will look like for you.

What is ESS60, and How Does it Affect Lifespan?

In 1985, scientists discovered a novel organic allotrope (or molecular formation) of carbon. This particular chemical element is known as C60 in its raw form. When C60 is processed for safe human consumption, it is known as ESS60. This powerful antioxidant can help rid the body of harmful free radicals, resulting in a host of health benefits.

“The choices you make today can have a significant impact on how long you live”

Using ESS60 as directed can lead to improved vision, a healthier nervous system, and a boost in strength and energy. This can also significantly decrease your risk of heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. When your body’s systems are working at their best, you can be more successful at eliminating harmful toxins while keeping your immune system strong. Therefore, your chances of dying from health complications can be reduced, resulting in a longer life expectancy.

What Else Can You Do to Increase Longevity?

While taking ESS60 regularly can go a long way in increasing your life expectancy, it’s also important to set yourself up for success by making wise, healthy choices each and every day. Experts agree that these habits can also increase longevity while helping you feel your best.

Exercise Often and Stay Active

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Keep your heart and lungs strong while improving your mental health by exercising regularly. If you tend to spend most of your day sitting, consider purchasing a fitness tracker to help you move more throughout the day. Research has shown that you need at least 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week to enjoy the full benefits. In addition, you should do some strength and muscle training twice a week.

Get Serious About Nutrition

Diet trends may come and go, however, one fact will never change: your body needs plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to stay healthy and strong. While you should certainly limit your intake of processed foods, refined sugars, and fried snacks, it can help shift your focus toward consuming more of the foods that are good for your body. Try to eat more whole, natural foods to give your body a natural boost of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

While drinking alcohol in moderation is considered safe, researchers are finding that over-consumption risks far outweigh the minor benefits. Try to limit your drinking to weekends and special occasions to avoid unnecessary damage and stress to your internal organs. In general, males should have no more than two servings of alcohol in one day, while females should stop after one.

Keep Up With Preventative Screenings and Checkups

Your risks for health complications can increase with each passing year. Don’t skip the examinations and screenings recommended by your health care team since early detection can make all the difference in life expectancy. Schedule all necessary appointments with your primary care physician and any other essential specialists every year.

Are you ready to increase longevity and improve your life? Start your ESS60 subscription from MyVitalC and enjoy a stronger, healthier, happier lifestyle today.


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