Your immune system protects our bodies from infections and diseases. It acts as a crucial line of defense, so you don’t fall sick after exposure to every pathogen out there. In most people, the immune system functions normally without incident; however, some people have stronger immune responses than others.

There are also people whose immune system reacts in nontraditional or unexpected ways, possibly even attacking their own bodies. This is known as  Autoimmune Disease. Watching out for signs of a weak immune system can help you stop problems early and take steps to correct any current deficiencies that are contributing to illnesses. Many of them can be addressed with proper care and supplementation with products like nootropics and antioxidants.

1. Frequent Infections

Frequent infections are the most common sign of a weak immune system. Most adults will get a case of the sniffles a couple of times each year. They recover within a week and are relatively healthy for the rest of the time. Without a fully functioning immune system, your body cannot mount an appropriate response against pathogens. The result is a tendency to develop full-blown infections after even small amounts of exposure. So that small cold develops into bronchitis or pneumonia instead of clearing up. Some nootropic supplements are designed to include natural products containing ESS60 that can help boost your body’s response to bacteria and viruses. 

2. Digestive Upset

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A whopping 70% of the immune response is centered in the digestive system, making gut health crucial to overall health. Gut flora contributes significantly to anti-inflammatory responses and helps clear harmful bacteria out of your system. At the same time, it serves to digest food and keep your digestive processes running smoothly.  Chronic Digestive Disorders such as diarrhea, nausea, cramping, and gas could be an early warning that your system is out of balance. That often results in increased inflammation and higher rates of infections and illnesses. It should come as no surprise, then, that many people experience digestive upset along with other, seemingly unrelated, types of illnesses. Olive oil encourages the production of peptides to support digestion and aid in nutrient adsorption.

3. Confusion and Memory Loss

There’s much research indicating that dementia-related memory loss may be related to the immune system. If you are more forgetful than normal or you find yourself easily confused, it could be a sign of an immune disorder or illness. Addressing the underlying cause will likely fix the problem. In the meantime, natural nootropics can help restore and preserve cognitive function. 

4. Wound That Won’t Heal 

Consider for a moment that your skin is your largest organ. It is a good indicator of your immune response since it acts as a physical barrier to pathogens. Part of the immune system’s job is to activate the healing process. That’s why wounds that persist beyond a reasonable healing time often signal an ineffective or insufficient immune response. Keep an eye out for chronic skin infections or frequent rashes. They could be a sign that your body’s natural ability to fight off infection is diminished. 

5. Weakness or Lethargy

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A lack of energy or just feeling run down is a sure sign that your body is warn out, possibly because it is working harder than normal to fight off infections thanks to a weakened immune system. If you feel tired all the time, evaluate your sleep patterns. If you are getting enough rest, staying hydrated, and eating properly, and you still feel tired, your immune system could be to blame. Some nootropics may help provide a boost of energy.

6. High-Stress Levels

Stress is a normal part of life, and most people handle normal stress loads easily. However, chronic stress can lead to a host of negative responses within your body including weakening the immune system. It can contribute to chronic inflammation and oxidative damage of internal organs, which antioxidants may be able to mitigate.

There has been much debate about what contributes to a strong immune response. Healthy lifestyle habits, proper hygiene, and meeting your nutritional needs appear to be direct contributors. If you are generally healthy and rarely get sick, you may not have ever thought about signs of a weakened immune system. However, if you have concerns about your immune system, including that it might be weakened and unable to protect you fully, MyVitalC may be able to help. Contact MyVitalC today to learn more.

6 Signs of a Weak Immune System and How Nootropics Can Help | MyVitalC — Houston, Texas