There has been a lot of press about a particular category of drugs known as nootropics to help with brain health, memory, and cognitive function. Some are available as prescription medications and are commonly used for conditions such as dementia, mild cognitive impairment, or Attention Deficit Disorder. There’s also a wide variety of natural nootropics available for those who prefer to try that route. Among those is ESS60 — a unique, purified version of carbon 60. 

Research shows that C60 is generally safe and has a wealth of benefits. These extend beyond standard ones associated with nootropic supplements. For example, in addition to supporting memory and focus, ESS60 is also a potent antioxidant and antiviral. It has been linked to a significantly longer lifespan in laboratory studies. 

Understanding How C60 Works

Understanding How C60 Works

Carbon 60 was discovered in the mid-1980s as a third form of carbon. Before that, only graphite and diamond were recognized, although there had been speculation about a third form. Its unusual physical structure, which resembles a geodesic dome, became the basis for a new classification of molecular structures known as fullerenes.

C60 and other fullerenes are increasingly important to the field of nanomedicine because of their perfectly symmetrical shape. 

C60 has powerful properties. First, it is a nanoparticle, so it can easily penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

That makes it an effective delivery vehicle for other medications or substances. It also has robust antioxidant and antiviral properties and serves to modulate both immune and neurological functions. There’s a growing of research that suggests it may also be effective against certain forms of cancer. Where nootropics are concerned, the antioxidant properties seem to be the most critical aspect of C60. 

Many people are familiar with antioxidants. They work to stop oxidation and repair cellular damage that has already occurred. This makes them an excellent choice for people who are looking to sustain cognitive function and general brain health. That at least part of the cognitive decline associated with aging can be attributed to oxidative stress is becoming more widely understood. Antioxidants help reduce this by counteracting some of the highly unstable molecules that make up free radicals. Health care professionals increasingly recognize the cognitive and anti-aging benefits of antioxidants. 

How To Safely Use C60


With all of its excellent benefits, it’s no wonder that people are talking about — and taking — C60 supplements. What must be understood is that not all nootropics or supplements are created equal. As such, there are varying levels of purity among the available forms of C60.

You should always take the time to review and understand exactly what is in the product you choose to take. 

Specific dosing recommendations have been established, and most people consider C60 to be safe when taken in moderation. Keep in mind that the more pure the formulation you are taking is, the less you will need to take at each dose. The method of administration is also important.

Current research shows that carbon 60 is best delivered when it is suspended in a liquid. Since it doesn’t dissolve well in water, oil is often used. Certain oils, such as olive and avocado oils, may increase the antioxidant benefits of C60 thanks to their beneficial properties. 

In its pure form, C60 is not known to cause any harmful side effects. ESS60 is incredibly pure at 99.99% carbon 60, with only trace amounts of other carbon forms in it. Additionally, ESS60 is free of the solvents that are commonly used to extract and purify C60. It is easily absorbed into the digestive system and expelled from the body within a short period. 

ESS60 is the form of carbon 60 used in the most widely shared research study regarding its use and increased longevity. In that study, rats given C60 suspended in olive oil saw longevity increases of nearly 90%, compared to a rise of about 30% for rats given just olive oil. 

Learn How Nootropics With Pure C60 Can Help You

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