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Do Nootropics Work? 5 Reasons Why This Cognitive Enhancer is The Future

Whether you are a busy working professional or aging and struggling with memory issues, the idea of taking a pill to boost your brainpower may seem appealing. The use of nootropics, also known as cognitive enhancers, is on the rise as people spend more time working and more time processing lots of data, think Facebook and Instagram. But do nootropics work? Studies suggest that nootropic supplements come with many benefits, including improved mental ability and alertness.

You may be wondering, “do nootropics work?” You’re not alone. Below is everything you need to know about the science behind these drugs and the benefits of incorporating a nootropic into your wellness routine.

Do Nootropics Work?

Nootropic benefits the brain.

Made from natural and synthetic substances, nootropics are taken to improve mental performance. Many people take these smart drugs to boost memory, performance, focus, and creativity. There have been numerous studies evaluating the efficacy of nootropics. Many of these studies indicate a positive correlation between nootropics and improved mental performance. However, you should consult with your doctor before incorporating a mental enhancing substance into your wellness routine.

What Are Nootropics?

A nootropic is any natural or synthetic substance taken to improve mental clarity or performance. Generally, there are three cognitive enhancers: prescription drugs, synthetic composites, and dietary supplements. All prescription nootropics are FDA approved and must be prescribed by a medical professional. However, synthetic composites and nutritional supplements do not require a prescription and are available over the counter.

Types of Nootropics 

Nootropics prescribed by a medical professional are medications that have stimulant effects. These drugs can alleviate the symptoms associated with certain medical conditions. Many prescription nootropics boost mental performance, enhance brain power, and improve memory function. Nonprescription drugs that enhance brain function or memory are also classified as nootropics. These drugs do not treat medical conditions but may have a positive impact on overall mental ability.

Prescription Nootropics 

Prescription nootropics include:

  • Adderall: this is a drug that is prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
  • Ritalin: this is a stimulant drug that can help treat the symptoms associated with ADHD and narcolepsy.
  • Axura: this is a drug that is prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

You should never take prescription medications without the authorization and supervision of a medical professional. Like any drug, prescription nootropics can come with side effects or adverse drug interactions. Thus, it would be best if you only took them under the care of a doctor.

Nonprescription Nootropics 

Nonprescription nootropics include:

  • Caffeine: This substance is the most widely consumed nonprescription nootropic in the world. Many beverages, including coffee, tea, and soda, contain caffeine, and people consume them because of their stimulant effects. Caffeine can also temporarily boost mental clarity and alertness. Some people take caffeine in supplement form. Caffeine is proven to be safe to consume in moderate amounts.
  • L-theanine: This substance is an amino acid that is found in green and black tea. L-theanine supplements are also widely available. Studies show that this nootropic may help boost mental alertness and cognitive performance. Some people take l-theanine in combination with caffeine.
  • Creatine: This substance is an amino acid, which is a fundamental component of protein. Creatine is popular among athletes as studies suggest it may help boost athletic performance. This substance may also help boost mental performance and ability. Creatine is available in both powder and supplement form.
  • ESS60 in Olive Oil: This is the newest nootropic on the market based on Nobel Prize-winning chemistry. Comprised of ESS60 and extra virgin olive oil users take the supplement in the morning, they report mental focus and energy during the day and better sleep that night, making this the only nootropic with reports of positive impacts on sleep.

Other nonprescription nootropics include Nicotine, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax Ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea. Many nootropic supplements contain several of these substances in one pill.

Benefits of Nootropics 

Nootropics have gained popularity in recent years and are often used to boost memory, alertness, creativity, mental performance, longevity, and motivation. The main advantages associated with consuming cognitive enhancers include:

Increase Mental Energy

The brain requires a significant amount of energy to function at a peak level. Studies suggest the brain consumes as much as 20% of the body’s energy each day. Nootropics may help optimize how the brain receives and consumes energy, increasing mental energy, and clarity.

Better Concentration

Many activities, such as completing work reports or studying for a test, require mental focus. However, most people find it challenging to maintain focus for long periods. Nootropic substances may help enhance your ability to focus by promoting cognitive flexibility and allowing you to ignore environmental stimuli more effectively.

Improve Mood

Anxiety, depression, and mood swings can impact performance, mental ability, and your overall quality of life. Some research studies suggest that nootropic substances can help stabilize feelings and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. While these substances can be helpful in temporarily improving your mood, you should consult a doctor if your anxiety or depression does not subside.

Better Memory Capacity 

Memory loss is a common side effect of aging or certain illnesses. Memory-enhancing supplements can help improve your ability to recall information, regardless of age. Research suggests that creatine can be beneficial in improving short-term memory function in specific individuals.

Improved Sleep Quality

Lack of sleep is attributed to many problems, including poor mental performance, weight gain, and certain illnesses. Only a few nootropic supplements may help promote better sleep in some individuals.

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