ESS60 Carbon 60 in Olive Oil Has Protective Effects and some has the possibility to support the immune system against Coronavirus

ESS60 Carbon 60 in Olive Oil Has Protective Effects

Scientists and health professionals have been abuzz lately about the miraculous substance known as ESS60 or Carbon 60. Typically offered in a solution with olive oil, this Nobel Prize-winning substance is an organic allotrope of carbon. Allotropic form of carbon means that Carbon 60 is one of the molecular structures of carbon, the other two being diamond and graphite. Previously, the only types of allotropic carbon that people were aware of could be found in graphite and diamond. There have been many studies done on the potential medical and holistic health uses of this substance, and the results have been quite impressive so far.

What Are the Potential Benefits of Carbon 60?

In studies done thus far, significant improvements were observed in lab rats who ingested ESS60 (Carbon 60 processed for safer human consumption). Many people have tried it themselves in an olive oil solution, and they attest to the difference it has made in their lives. Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhanced mobility and flexibility of the joints have been observed
  • Carbon 60 can improve the transmission of nerve signals through the body with its nerve-protective qualities.
  • Users report using their glasses less while using this oil.
  • Improved mental focus has been reported by many who use carbon 60 in Olive Oil.
  • Some users of carbon 60 find their physical capabilities are enhanced, which could imply an enhancement to muscle function.
  • We are currently running a study with OURA Ring, one of the best sleep trackers on the market, As many customer have reported better sleep while taking carbon 60.  Better sleep has its own set of benefits, including improved immune system functionality, better mental, physical and emotional well-being.
Wash Hands to Prevent infection

These are just a few of the benefits reported by C60 in olive oil users. Overall, test subjects have experienced an increased lifespan. A study done in 2012 showed that this extension of life could be as much as 90% longer.

Beyond these benefits, today, we will talk about one of the most impressive and potentially world-changing effects of C60 oil: its effectiveness in treating viral illnesses such as coronavirus.

Carbon 60 As an Anti-Viral Agent

While it is too early to tell if C60 can be used to treat coronavirus, the fact remains that the compound has proven to be highly effective at addressing one of the most pernicious diseases that humanity has ever encountered: HIV. For a long time, there was no known cure for HIV, and many patients living with the condition had to deal with a significantly reduced quality of life. In addition, they also had to face the possibility of developing fatal AIDS.

Now that C60 is observed to have virucidal (virus-killing) properties, it has gone beyond the stage of research studies and has been patented as a treatment for HIV.

Not only does carbon 60 reduce the infections caused by HIV, but it also directly inhibits the reproduction of the virus. Viruses normally cause disease in the human body by taking over the cells of the body and replicating until it overwhelms the immune system. Typically a young and healthy person has an immune system that can overcome most common viruses such as the common cold and influenza.

Carbon 60 As an Anti-Viral Agent

However, HIV does not go away naturally. Until recently, the best medical science had to offer were drugs that could delay the progress of HIV. But these drugs, unfortunately, tend to carry a range of unpleasant side effects.

This is why the patent of C60 to treat HIV is such an amazing advancement. Unlike many pharmaceutical drugs, carbon 60 does not have any harmful side effects. It works to directly prevent the virus from replicating and has the potential to effectively treat many people with HIV already without the side effects associated with current HIV medications.

It is a step of inference to say that C60 could be used to treat other illnesses, and the research still needs to be done. There is a possibility that C60 could be effective with the coronavirus.

Research is suggested on the potential for carbon 60 in olive oil to treat coronavirus, and we at SES Research Inc continue to follow the results. We aim to keep our customers informed of any newfound benefits of C60 oil. In the meantime, we do know that the regular use of C60 can improve your immune system.

An improved sleep cycle can also help to fight off infections. Thus, while the best thing you can do right now is to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene, we can say that C60 can help protect your immune system, your first line of defence against the coronavirus.

Note: C60 is referenced and research but is an industrial version of Carbon 60.  ESS60 is C60 that has been processed for safer human consumption.

ESS60 Carbon 60 in Olive Oil Has Protective Effects and some has the possibility to support the immune system against Coronavirus | MyVitalC — Houston, Texas