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How To Live Longer With MyVitalC

The search for increased longevity is not new. The question of how to live longer has been around for centuries. Luckily, modern science is now offering up some answers to the mystery. There is a genetic component to longer lifespans, but it only represents about 25% of human populations’ variation. The rest is defined mainly by lifestyle choices and environmental factors.  

How Science Is Uncovering the Secrets of How To Live Longer

In many cases, expanding our understanding of longevity has been done by studying so-called “blue zones.” These are geographic pockets where people tend to live longer, healthier lives than in the rest of the world. Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan, and Ikaria, Greece are a few blue zones. An unusually high percentage of people in these towns live into their 90s and beyond with little to no sign of cognitive impairment or physical ailments common in the elderly.  

There has also been considerable research into aging at cellular levels. In one study designed to test the safety of C60, rats who received ESS60 not only did not experience adverse effects, but they shared a phenomenal increase in longevity. These rats lived nearly twice as long as the ones who were not given C60. Continued research into powerful antioxidants is working to uncover how longevity supplements can promote longer, healthier lives. 

Lifestyle Tips for How To Live Longer Naturally

One area that researchers have focused on is how to use lifestyle behaviors to increase life span. Here is what they have found:

How to live longer

Eat a Plant-Based Diet

If there is a universal trait for how to live longer among people in the blue zones, they almost always adhere to a plant-based diet. Foods such as nuts, beans, fruits, and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins and nutrients. A high intake of compounds such as polyphenols, folate, carotenoids, and vitamin C has been shown in studies to promote longevity.

If you can’t give up meat altogether, try to limit yourself to chicken and fish options. Fatty fish, in particular, is loaded with fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health. Avoiding processed meats like bacon and cold cuts is another helpful strategy.

There is also limited research showing that calorie restriction can promote longer lifespans. Try reducing your calorie intake by about 10% to appreciate the benefits of this. You will also be better able to maintain a healthy weight, which lowers your risk for many chronic health conditions that contribute to premature death. 

Make Exercise a Regular Part of Life

Blue zone populations also tend to share high levels of physical activity. Experts recommend exercising at least 150 minutes a week. For most people, moderate-intensity activities such as walking, gardening, and household cleaning tasks are enough to keep you active. 

Take Longevity Supplements

Antioxidants appear to be the frontrunners among longevity supplements. They help stop free radical damage at the cellular level, promoting longer and healthier lives. ESS60, a safe form of carbon 60 found in MyVitalC products, is an excellent example. It is the same antioxidant used in the famous 2012 study. 

Avoid Harmful Activities

While knowing how to live longer with positive behaviors is key to maintaining your health, knowing what you should avoid can be equally important. Certain lifestyle choices, such as these, should be avoided:

How to live longer
  • Smoking or being around second-hand smoke: Smoking is known to contribute to respiratory diseases and several types of cancer. Don’t smoke, or, if you are a smoker, find support so you can quit. 
  • Excessive alcohol consumption: While drinking in moderation may have health benefits, too much can be dangerous. Try to limit alcoholic beverages to no more than one or two per day. 
  • Skipping sleep: Sleep deprivation is known to contribute to adverse health patterns. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep each night to feel your best. 
  • Being chronically stressed: Stress can lead to serious problems and is directly linked to premature death. Learn how to manage stress effectively so it doesn’t build up. 

Find Out How To Live Longer With MyVitalC

MyVitalC products contain the powerful antioxidant ESS60. It has been specially processed to remove any harmful substances that are found in many other C60 supplements. When coupled with a healthy lifestyle, ESS60 helps promote longevity. Order your MyVitalC today to see the benefits for yourself. 

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