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Can MyVitalC in Avocado Oil Double Your Life Span?

What is MyVitalC Avocado Oil?

MyVitalC starts with the purest form of SES Research Inc. ESS60 and is systematically stirred in the dark at controlled temperature with an inert buffer gas. We use only the best Certified Organic Avocado oil. Finally, our Avocado product is lovingly poured into our medical-grade cobalt blue glass bottles, for protection from UV light, and shipped directly to you!

Our products are made with the highest grades of Organic Avocado Oil and with 100% ESS60 – the highest purity, solvent-free, vacuum oven-baked and washed C60 available
Certified and Guaranteed

“We DO NOT Cut Corners – Quality is the Best Business Plan. -Robert Wong”

Not all Avocado oils are the same and the same can be said about Carbon 60 trust only C60 labeled as certified ESS60.


Can MyVitalC – ESS60 in Avocado Oil Extend Life

The original study that showed ESS60 to nearly double the lifespan of test subjects was based on ESS60 dissolved in Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil. Many of the mechanisms that may be at play to create this incredible life extension are not understood.  Our first recommendation is always to use ESS60 in Olive Oil.

All of the evidence indicates that the antioxidant, ESS60, can almost double the lifespan of mammal test subjects. The study shows that over the course of 30 hours, the gastrointestinal tract absorbed the dissolved ESS60 and released it from the body with no harm. Other researchers say that even though it is excreted from the body quickly, some long-lasting changes in organs and cells must have been created which may include strengthening DNA.

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What is better Olive Oil, Avocado Oil or MCT?

The results for ESS60 in Olive Oil are in and the study showed a 90% extension of life in test subjects given ESS60 in Olive Oil.  There is no such study on Avocado or MCT oil.  Another factor to consider is the saturation point for ESS60 in MCT oil is significantly lower than for Olive Oil, 25-30% lower.  So if you are going to get the same benefits from ESS60 in MCT oil you need to take 25-30% more of the product.

ESS60 (C60) in Research Articles

Original peer-reviewed published study that references our parent company SES Research Inc and used our product ESS60 in the Paris Rat study in January 2012  See the Aging Sciences website for more details on the experiment. An article at speaks about researchers from the University of Paris who doubled the lifespan of rats.

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