Can C60 in Olive Oil Double Your Life Span?

MyVitalC is a special blend of Nobel Prize winning chemistry, Carbon 60, in organic extra virgin olive oil. This revolutionary organic nano antioxidant is changing people’s lives!

According to recent studies, Carbon 60 in Olive Oil has the potential to double lifespan and offers numerous other health benefits. It is considered one of the Top 5 Antioxidants You Should Be Taking.

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MyVitalC starts with the purest form of SES Research Inc. Carbon 60 and is systematically stirred in the dark at controlled temperature with an inert buffer gas. We use only the best Certified Organic (MOSA, NOP) GMO-free olive oil independently tested and verified. Finally, our product is lovingly poured into our medical grade cobalt blue glass bottles, for protection from UV light, and shipped directly to you!