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Living a healthy lifestyle and making thoughtful decisions can extend one’s life and make it more satisfying.
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Live Longer and Better tells the story of Christopher Burres, the cofounder of SES Research, Inc. in Houston, Texas, the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of scientific-grace carbon 60, as well as MyVitalC, a health supplement version of carbon 60 designed to extend your ability to live a vital, active life, regardless of your chronological age. The book tells the story of how Chris’s work with the Nobel Prize-winning scientists who discovered this miracle molecule made him revitalize his thinking—realizing that all of us can live an exciting life, longer and healthier than we ever imagined.

The story of Live Longer and Better begins with a dome and a molecule.The dome is the geodesic dome that R. Buckminster Fuller made famous. The molecule is carbon 60 (C60 or C 60 ), a nanosized molecule of sixty carbon atoms in a spheroid structure that resembles a geodesic dome. That carbon spheroid structure is known in chemistry as a buckyball. The family of closed-caged molecules, including C 60 , C 70 , C 76 , etc., are known as fullerenes, in homage to R. Buckminster Fuller’s genius.

As co-founder of SES Research Inc. and MyVitalC, Chris Bures had the opportunity in the 1980s to work with the scientific team at Rice University in Houston that won a Nobel Prize for their accidental discovery of carbon 60. This book is truly Chris’s story of the adventure that has led him and his partner to bring to the world ESS60® , the highest-quality carbon 60 available anywhere today.

In 2012, Professor Tarek Baati and Dr. Fathi Moussa of the Faculté de Pharmacie, Université Paris-Sud 11 in Châtenay-Malabry, France, along with a group of French-speaking colleagues in France and Tunisia, published a game-changing article in the scientific journal Biomaterials. Entitled “The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60] fullerene,” using for their controlled experiment carbon 60 Chris produced. Baati and his fellow researchers opened up worldwide the possibility that carbon 60 might have excellent health and life-extending properties for human beings.

“What if I told you that you could live to be 125 years old?” Burres asks. In Live Longer and Better, Burres shares the secrets he has learned in his quest to extend life productively. “I decided to reinvent myself, imagining how I could challenge the world’s longevity record” Burres explains. “We have written this book because we want to challenge you to do the same.”

Live Longer and Better Book

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“We DO NOT Cut Corners – Quality is the Best Business Plan. -Robert Wong”

Not all Olive oils are the same and the same can be said about ESS60. Trust only products labeled as certified ESS60.

Store-bought Olive Oils are a blend of olive oils from different regions, countries and can vary from batch to batch.   The Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use is sourced from individual olive orchards around the world ensuring the highest quality product.

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Can MyVitalC – ESS60 in Olive Oil Extend Life

All of the evidence indicates that the antioxidant, ESS60 , can almost double the lifespan of mammal test subjects. The study shows that over the course of 30 hours, the gastrointestinal tract absorbed the dissolved ESS60 and released it from the body with no harm. Other researchers say that even though it is excreted from the body quickly, some long-lasting changes in organs and cells must have been created which may include strengthening DNA.

ESS60 in Research Articles

Original peer-reviewed published study that references our parent company SES Research Inc and used our product ESS60: Paris Rat study in January 2012 

See the Aging Sciences website for more details on the experiment.

An article at speaks about researchers from the University of Paris who doubled the lifespan of rats.

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