“After only 2 days of supplementing I had stunning difference in sleep! Through the night and deep…which hasn’t occurred in 15 years. Anxiously awaiting the skin and hair benefits. Only been taking for a week.”

  • Teresa Nobrega

“Morning Chris. Thank you very much for the two bottles of Vital C. Nice looking products. Well done. The measured dose cup is great. I have used the product on 2 mornings, taking approximately 2.5 ml….to start. A personal note…..I had a car accident last year and suffering from vertigo (concussion) which is quite limiting…..movements especially. Headaches and more. Is it at all possible that I may be imagining Vital C has started to improve this situation? I say this because I am less dizzy by 80%, almost gone. Impressive. I am anxious to hear back from HC as to whether or not we can add C60 to the database. thank you again and I will keep you informed. Grateful,”

  • Linda Beach

“…on day one and day two I noticed that I only drink half of my coffee and by on day two I even I only drink like a third of it um which is really weird because i’m like a avid coffee drinker it’s kind of like a comfort thing and I didn’t have it I also had two really heavy work days and um again didn’t drink my coffee and I noticed that like my you know mental acuity and processing was going really well um another thing to know is my sleep has been so deep… ” (transcribed from video, link here)

  • Autumn Seibel

“I hope you are ready to start a new week and make it the best one yet. I’m super excited to share with you the brand new product MyVitalC, a special blend of Nobel Prize winning chemistry, ESS60, in organic extra virgin olive oil. I was taking it for about 2 weeks and I noticed a lot more energy and focus! I only have one cup of coffee a day (versus 2-3-4), I’m ready to go to the gym every day, I’m full of ideas and sleep like a baby. Plus I stopped eating oranges and grapefruits in unhealthy amounts, while drinking tangerine juice. The formulation in this product was used in a study that doubled the life of test subjects and it is the single longest longevity experiment on mammals known to man! There is nothing on the market that has peer-reviewed research that comes even close to these results. If you want to live longer this is the current best option.”

  • Angelina


“”Do you think it’s possible to DOUBLE your lifespan?? I’ve partnered up with MyVitalC to help get the word out on this amazing new product! The formulation was used in a study that DOUBLED the lifespan of test subjects, and this is the single longest longevity experiment on mammals that is known to man! This is groundbreaking science!! I’ve been taking MyVitalC for 10 days now, and I’ve noticed increased energy, better mood, and tons more motivation! To sum it up…I feel like I’m in my 20’s again. I’m definitely going to keep taking this blend of Nobel Prize winning chemistry ESS60, in organic extra virgin olive oil. Try it too and notice the difference. “”

  • Jolene Goring

“I’m totally a believer of the power of ESS60! My experience taking it has given me back the use of my hands which had previously been so very swollen with arthritis and my thumbs weren’t usable at all! Now I can do everything with my hands! My 13 yr old cat had a galloping heart and issues with colitis. My veterinarian was not a believer on ESS60, but said it wouldn’t hurt him. I started giving my cat ESS60 and when the veterinarian examined my cat recently he was amazed that my cat’s galloping heart had becmoe normal…..vet called that incredible! My cat is running around like a kitten and is obviously feeling wonderful!I’m happy with the service I get from SES and I am happy with their wonderful ESS60! I wouldn’t order from any other company, as their ESS60 was used in the rat study which kept rats healthy and living a much longer life!”

  • Susan Brotz

“Choosing the best carbon 60 is essential, which [is why] SES is at the top of the list. But choosing the best oil and the proper mixing is just as important. My research shows the best results are achieved with sunflower oil and the proper magnets. The magnet best for me are the ones with the rings in the middle, for they spin much faster and even create a vortex in my cone-shaped 1000ml glass beaker, which lets me know the magnet is functioning properly. I also let the mixture run for a full 30 days and bypass the purification process, for I would much rather let my body absorb ALL of the carbon 60 and remove the waste naturally as to get the full effect of the carbon 60. Enjoy your new-found health!”

  • Lawrence Schultz

“I was very happy with the prompt delivery of my 99.99% pureCc60 from SES Research. They sent email updates that communicated well about receiving and shipping. Also, it is comforting, know that this is the same C60 that was used in the original rat study. I thought the price was very reasonable as well. Thank you, SES!”

  • Steve Brandt

“Great product! I have tried every brand available and take it seriously and I feel like your product works the best for me. I was finishing up a quality brand and had felt like I plateaued, but I was wrong because yours came and wow! So now I am a monthly subscriber. I am on SSD and have a few animals that are very well taken care of, and I value my health and body. I want to feel good and have the energy to tend my 5 acres, my horse, English Mastiff, and blue heeler. I am growing my own food and I am so freaking appreciative of your product. May your business flourish and thank you for your gift.”
  • Laurie Wyatt

“After my first bottle I can feel the difference compared to several months of the black carbon-60. My skin looks better, I dance more! I’m re-ordering. Also, great customer service.”
  • Marie Carija

“Robert Wong will go the extra mile to make sure you have the correct product for your personal needs. He actually called me after I completed my order and because I missed his call my order was shipped. Robert went to the trouble of directing the delivery company to return my package, saving me the trouble. I couldn’t be more pleased with this company’s service and integrity. He made sure I understood what product I needed and sent the correct product for my needs.”

  • Able S.

“I called SES Research because I had some questions and they were very friendly and answered my questions. This is the second time I have ordered from them and both times have been extremely pleased by the quality of the product and fast delivery times. Thank you! I refer my friends and family to these guys!”

  • Bitcoin Buzz

“Chris is great, really helpful and eased all my hesitations. Wonderful to be able to speak to a good soul. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions. Loving what is you.”

  • Guy Priano

“Very good product and customer service. Packing and shipping was done fast and everything arrived on time. Keep up the good work, guys. Thank you again!”

  • Lee Craciun

“Quick delivery. I was new to making Carbon 60 and customer service was exceedingly patient in answering all of my questions over several phone calls.”
  • Shelly Twedt

“Great product, great results. Feeling very energetic. Age 72 feels good.”
  • Bobby Truitt

“Chris Burres at SES Research provided me with concrete answers to numerous questions regarding the intriguing world of Carbon 60. As a company which is currently transferring into C60 production, purchasing directly from the manufacturer makes financial sense. Moreover, those at SES want an informed wholesale customer so that those who produce product for consumers receive quality toxin free Carbon C60. Excellent service and very knowledgeable. My warmest thanks.”
  • Richard Clarke

“Quality products at a great price! Fast delivery.”
  • Kenneth Diehl

“A company that cares about the buyer and does everything possible to make the buyer feel good about their products, because they believe and are sure of them and their quality.”

  • Carmen Vasquez

“Testimony and protocol, and clean this up a bit or ask for expansion on anything:

I’ve tried everything, and continue to try new interventions every season. The harsh reality, despite the hype and research and claims, is that nothing works, as a rule. At this point, I’ve found a select few things that deliver, C60 is one of them!
It takes me three training blocks to make the extremely nonscientific assertion that something “works,” my highest level of endorsement. I’ll try a reasonable protocol based on research I read, and log runs and lifestyle notes like always, then warp the protocol to fit my preferences and hypotheses after I establish a baseline. I then cycle off and note changes. When I bring it back, I’m informed by my own notes from the first trial as well as the original research and indications, turning my eyes on to see what benefits I might find.. it’s rather invasive and time consuming, but I love it! And being a small margin away from my dream races now, every tiny bit is NOT trivial. 
The protocol I’ve settled on with C60 up to this point is to take standard doses (see the calculator) in the middle of the training block, once my body is carrying noticeable fatigue. But I only take it Tuesdays and Fridays, before my tough workouts Wednesdays and my longer weekend runs. Then as the training gets even more abusive, I will double or triple that dose, and ultimately take it every day leading up to the goal race. 
What I get out of this is bullet proof legs. It doesn’t feel like I recover faster; it feels like I Don’t Do the damage in the first place. This is my guess because even as the miles pile on, my legs stay snappy and structurally sound, not degrading even over the last 10 miles of a 50 miler where they have historically been a limiting factor to performance. With the Leadville 100 (mile trail run) coming up this summer, I’m Stoked to see how this translates to such an overwhelmingly long event.