“Brought it with me when I visited friends. They have a cat, George, 15 years old, with the “worst case of arthritis” (from the vet). He hugs the wall when he goes up the stairs. Cannot jump anymore. Has a permanent scowl.

I gave a teeny bit in some “lickables treat.” Fur looks better next day. Hmmm. Next morning, he seems less lethargic. Hmm. Day 3, he comes into the room I am sleeping in and jumps on my bed, purring like a kitten. Hmmm. Day 5 (after I leave to go home) I get a report he hopped up on my friend’s bed (this is one big honking bed) – Seriously… Oh, he now runs up the stairs too.”

– Sandra Lewis

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Top Potential Benefits Reported By People Who Have Taken MyVitalPet

Live Longer

Enjoy more time with your pet by reversing damage at a cellular level

Better Mobility

Aches and pains from weak joints are radically relieved and healed

Softer Coat & Skin

Most pets will feel softer over time from the hydrating effects of ESS60

More Energy

Your pet will feel more alive and experience new levels of vitality

Environment Protection

Shield your pet from viruses & bacteria to help prevent chronic health issues

Brain Boosting

Most pet owners have seen an overall increase in alertness and activity

Why Take MyVitalPet?

MyVitalPet is made 100% pure ESS60 and is certified to meet and exceed industry standards.

Certified Organic Olive Oil

We use only the best Certified Organic (MOSA, NOP) GMO-free olive oil single sourced from an olive orchard in Greece.

Highest Quality Certified ESS60

MyVitalC uses the purest form of ESS60 and is systematically stirred in the dark at controlled temperature with an inert buffer gas.

Cold Pressed & Unrefined

Our oil is pure and unprocessed meaning more nutritional value and retainment of our high quality ESS60.

Single Sourced Olive Oil

Unlike most store-bought olive oils blended , our olive oil is harvested and bottled from one single source, ensuring the highest quality.

Based On Nobel Prize Winning Chemistry

MyVitalC is a special blend of Nobel prize winning chemistry, ESS60, in organic extra virgin olive oil. This revolutionary organic nano antioxidant that offers numerous health benefits and has the potential to double your lifespan.

This revolutionary chemistry has been studied and used by top research institutions and companies around the world. This includes the University of Paris who carried out the original longevity study where the test subjects showed a 90% increase in lifespan.

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