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All prices listed in this catalog are total (lot) prices for the sizes and quantities listed. Prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice. Orders will be invoiced at prices ruling on the date of shipment. If an item price exceeds 15% of the catalog price, we will ask you to confirm acceptance of the price prior to shipment.

Orders are shipped using standard ground delivery. Please call for shipping rates or overnight delivery.

Some of our products may not be sent using standard delivery services. Any order that includes one or more restricted items will be shipped by special delivery and will be subject to an additional charge.

All orders are accepted for one shipment on one date to one address. An additional charge is required for split shipments made at your request.

For international shipment: All import, customs, broker fees and taxes are payable by importer/purchaser. Shipping incoterms is FOB, Houston.

Our Return Policy:
Goods may not be returned for credit except with Seller’s permission, and then only in strict compliance with Seller’s return shipment instruction.  All returns are handled on case by case basics and must be within 30 days from receipt of shipment. (Customer order or products are non-refundable unless defective.)  If product is returned, our labs will analysis the material to verify product quality. Below par material will be replaced.  Also a restocking fee of  20% will be assessed.  All return must be in ‘like-new’ condition and unopened.

Like New-means the completer product in the original carton with all equipment. Packaging, warranties, manuals and accessories.

Product Description and Availability
Please note that the product specifications are subjected to changes and the manufacturing of some product may be stopped. Please consult the table/catalog for cross-reference information on old products and their new, high performance equivalents.

Not for Clinical Use
SES Research products are not intended for clinical use. While clinical applications may be shown, these products are not validated for clinical use. SES Research products are intended primarily for laboratory research purpose and, unless otherwise stated on products label, in Seller’s catalog or in other literature furnished to buyer, are not to be used for any other purposes, including but not limited to, in vitro diagnostic purpose, in foods, drugs, medical devices or cosmetics for humans or animals of for commercial purposes.

Warranty Claims for HPLC Columns
The manufacturer will replace defective columns if notified within 2 weeks of receipt of the product by the customer under the following conditions:

1) Column abnormalities are due to accidents in shipping or rough handling.
2) If the number of effective plates of the column is considerably lower than the minimum guaranteed theoretical plate number documented in the inspection report that accompanies each column.

Easy Ways to Place Orders

1-800-275-0082 or 1-713-686-9662 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST
Fax your order to 1-713-686-9635. Please include your purchase order number.
E-mail: gnow.info@sesres.com Snail Mail: SES Research Company
5999 West 34th, Suite 106
Houston, Texas 77092 USA



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