Do you sometimes feel like you can’t get rid of colds and flu symptoms? If you are continually sneezing and feeling unwell, then you may be experiencing a weak immune system. However, there is a way to boost your immune system response. Before diving into an immune system booster, it is essential to understand the immune system and why it is so crucial to a healthy sneeze free life.

Understanding the Immune System

The frequent association is to view your immune system as an army or the defender of your body. A combination of organs, tissues, and cells make up this crucial defense, protecting you against invading germs and bacteria. A healthy system prevents these germs and bacteria from evolving into full-blown viruses and/or disease. An unhealthy or inefficient immune system may allow some of these infiltrators to overpopulate, causing illness. When your system is not strong enough, you may need an immune booster.

Benefits of Boosting Immune System Health

Healthy systems do well in preventing the majority of illnesses, although even the most robust systems could use a little help. There are plenty of benefits to boosting your immune system, even if it is healthy.

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  1. Overall Health: When your immune system is healthy, you are healthy. With an effective immune system, you are less likely to come down with the flu or catch a cold. A healthier immune system often equates to an improved quality of life, with you feeling more energetic and happy.
  2. Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails: Many people do not realize the impact a healthy system has on their hair, nails, and skin. A healthy and boosted immune system contributes to the “vibrancy of tissues”, which means you will have brighter skin, stronger nails, and more luxurious hair.
  3. Better Digestion: Poor immune systems do not allow for adequate digestion, meaning that your body does not benefit from all the nutrients you consume. A boosted immune system allows for slower digestion, giving your body time to absorb all the vital nutrients, only eliminating the waste.
  4. Oxygenated Blood: People often do not realize the essential role blood plays in the immune system response. Sure, most people understand that blood is necessary to sustain life, but did you know that it also filters out toxins? Blood also oxygenates the organs, tissues, and cells. A healthy, more robust immune system allows blood to carry more oxygen through the entire system, improving bodily functions.
  5. Production of Lymph: Lymph is the substance that carries white blood cells through your body. A boosted immune system improves the production of lymph, meaning that your body is more capable of fighting off infections.

Improving Immune System Health

How do you find an effective immune system booster? The answer is often surprising to most people. Boosting your system comes down to the standard practices of a healthy lifestyle, the skills you are taught from elementary on up. There are six ways to boost your immune system:

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  1. Healthy diet: A well-balanced diet is a crucial element of the immune system and overall health. Ensuring that your diet is complete and nutrition promotes the proper functioning of the entire system. If you are struggling with maintaining a balanced and complete diet, consult with a doctor or nutritionist for guidance.
  2. Exercise: Exercise also encourages the functionality of your immune system. While improving mobility and strength, you are also creating an opportunity for improved circulation and energy performance. Walking or performing some form of physical activity for 20 to 30 minutes per day is the standard recommendation.
  3. Hydration: Most people are not adequately hydrated. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water per day, but based on your activity level and body size, you may need more. Consult with your physician to discuss specifics.
  4. Juicing: Many people struggle to get their recommended dose of fruits and vegetables. While juicing is not mandatory, it can be a way for picky eaters to get the recommended vitamins and minerals from fresh produce. However, know that you will still need to find a good source of fiber.
  5. Supplements: You can find immune boosting supplements as well, but only buy from reputable sources. Consult with your doctor before use.
  6. Restful sleep: Too many people operate on little sleep. Most adults need between seven and eight hours of restful sleep.

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