History of Vital C

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Founded in Houston, Texas, Vital C is a product of SES Research which was started by 2 University of Houston students, back in 1991.

How We Became a Worldwide Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of C60

Over the past 27 years, SES Research has become the worldwide leader in manufacturing and supplying of Carbon Fullerenes.

Many of the world’s leading research labs and institutions rely on our products for technological development. Some of our most well-known clients include:

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Chemical Suppliers and Commercial Companies

As the scale of production increased dramatically, we began offering kilograms of C60 to many of the world’s leading chemical suppliers, along with other commercial companies.

Commercial supplier to market innovator, SES Research currently supplies bulk kilogram quantities of fullerene mixtures (C60 and C70) to clients worldwide. These mixtures are used as a feedstock material in the development of new products for photovoltaics, cancer treatment, pharmaceuticals, anti-aging, and other fields. Some of our most well-known clients include:

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