HIV Medication, ESS60, and What They Mean for the Coronavirus

HIV Medication, ESS60, and What They Mean for the Coronavirus

It started in Wuhan, China. While everybody else was preparing for the holidays, the city was seeing its first reports of coronavirus, later deemed COVID-19 by the World Health Organization. The never-before-seen illness quickly took over the city/ provenice, leaving more than 2,000 dead in China and thousands more ill. Just three months later, nearly 475,000 people have fallen sick globally, and more than 21,000 have died. COVID-19 is taking the world by storm and leaving medical experts scrambling for more beds, more equipment, and more questions about whether medications or supplements like Kaletra or ESS60 can help at all.

HIV Medication as a Treatment for Coronavirus

COVID-19 is so new that medical experts aren’t sure how to treat it. Doctors around the world are trying experimental treatments using medications that have worked for other major illnesses. One medication is Lopinavir-Ritonavir (brand name Kaletra), an antiretroviral drug that has been prescribed to HIV and AIDS patients for more than a decade. However, results have not been consistent.

Perhaps the most famous story circling the web is that of Miguel Angel Benitez, a 62-year-old man from Spain believed to have fully recovered from coronavirus with the help of Kaletra. During his hospitalization, Benitez received a combination of Kaletra and interferon beta, a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis patients. Another patient, James Cai of Hackensack, New Jersey, was successfully treated with Kaletra combined with chloroquine, an antimalarial medication. However, Hackensack’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene stressed that the treatment is not approved, and for a good reason.

This and many other reports have led the World Health Organization to launch a global megatrial that includes antiretroviral drugs.  This is interesting because back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s ESS60 was seen, in invitro tests, to inhibit the replication of HIV.  In fact, multiple patents have been issued by the USPTO which claim fullerenes/ESS60 as an HIV-inhibitor agent.

ESS60 and Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus

Future of Coronavirus

Because of the seriousness of coronavirus, the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to be proactive. Take vitamin supplements and antioxidants. Support your immune system the best way possible.  

ESS60 benefits may include just that, a stronger immune system.  Some clients have also reported, more restful sleep and improved mental energy. How else can you protect yourself?  Wash your hands frequently, using warm water and soap, for at least 20 seconds each time you do. Carry hand sanitizer, which my kids call handsitizer,  and clorex wipes with you to use when you don’t have access to soap and water. It is especially important to wash or sanitize after touching items like your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

COVID-19 can live on hard surfaces for up to three days. Avoid touching your face, especially after handling gas pumps, doorknobs, and other frequently touched items. Avoid touching other people as well, and do as much as you can to keep at least six feet between you and anyone who is not a member of your household. Clean and disinfect surfaces in your home often, including furniture, toys, and countertops. Finally, if you start to feel unwell, self-quarantine, and do as much as you can to avoid the other people in your household. If you experience symptoms of coronavirus, such as a dry cough or becoming short of breath, call your doctor or a local ER for further instructions.

The Future of Coronavirus

ESS60 and Protecting Yourself From Coronavirus

Experts are sure about several things when it comes to the future of COVID-19. The pandemic will transform the future. It will impact the availability of laborers around the world and may create higher wages. It almost certainly will lead many employers to realize that allowing employees to work from home can improve morale and increase productivity. Politics are likely to become even more aggressive, but at the same time, scientists and researchers will be behind the scenes finding ways to track the virus and try to cut it off at the head at a faster rate.

One thing that isn’t certain about the future is exactly when the pandemic will end. Experts initially thought it would be weeks, but now it may be months. With no consistent treatment and too many people ignoring shelter-in-place orders, the COVID-19 pandemic will most certainly get worse before it gets better. What can you do in the meantime? Well here is what I am recommending to my mother: practice good hygiene, respect shelter-in-place orders, social distancing etiquette, and take a double serving of the MyVitalC that I overnighted to her, I want her to properly support her immune system.

Note: ESS60 is C60 that has been processed for safer human consumption.

HIV Medication, ESS60, and What They Mean for the Coronavirus | MyVitalC — Houston, Texas

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