Hello Oura Ring Users,

Oura Ring Sleep Data

You have something I need:)

I have something you might want to try.

My name is Chris Burres and I have a product, MyVitalC, that is intended as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory for longevity, but my clients are consistently reporting significantly better sleep. I am trying to get some more actual sleep data.

I have one data set which showed a 5% increase in “deep sleep”.  And we are just finishing another data set which shows an increase in overall sleep and the user is reporting better sleep.  I personally, just got my ring and I will be going off my product to collect data.  It already looks like it positively impacts sleep after I drink alcohol(interesting story).

This product is not at all like the “sleep aids” that knock you out (like Ambien). First it was intended for longevity. Second, you take it in the morning/afternoon and customers report that they sleep better that night.

I am looking for people who would be interested in trying my product, for free in exchange for 10 days of data before you start the product and then 10 days of data after you start the product and then 10 more days after you stop taking the product again.

I am already talking with an Oura ring scientist and he is excited and I will put you in contact, his name is Benjamin, to get your permission to access your data.  Anything that we publish would be totally anonymous.

If you are interested please send your Name and Address and the email you used to register your Oura ring to the email below.  Once we get that email we will introduce you to Benjamin, with Oura Ring, and get the product sent to you.

Due to shipping costs, we can only take applicants from the US.

Email: ouraringsleepdata@MyVitalC.com

We are not affiliated in any way with Oura Ring.