You have probably heard a lot about ESS60 and its potential health benefits. You may be wondering if it is all hype or if there is something to the claims. ESS60 and the MyVitalC formulation is an antioxidant, and antioxidants have been clinically shown to reduce oxidative stress on the body. This can potentially slow aging and help prevent certain diseases.

More specifically, ESS60 in olive oil has been shown to increase longevity in rats and mice by a remarkable percentage. Research has demonstrated other potential benefits to mammals, including humans. Understanding more about the history and chemical structure of ESS60 may help you to appreciate its potential benefits.

ESS60 History

The Carbon 60 (raw ESS60) was discovered in 1985 by a group of scientists based at Rice University in Houston Texas. They likened its appearance to the geodesic dome, an architectural structure made of pentagons and hexagons developed by Buckminster Fuller. The scientists named their discovery “buckminsterfullerene” in honor of the inventor. It is sometimes shortened to “fullerene” or known colloquially as Buckyballs. Whatever you call the molecules, their discovery garnered the team of scientists the Nobel Prize in 1996.

As with any new discovery, research was needed to determine what effects C60 could have on humans, both positive and negative. One particular concern to scientists in the early years of the last decade was whether carbon 60 could be toxic when taken over time.

French scientists conducted an experiment in which they administered C60 in olive oil to male Wistar rats in the experimental group. The control group received plain olive oil. The study, which was published in 2012, found that not only was carbon 60 nontoxic, but the rats that took the C 60 olive oil ended up living almost twice as long as their average life expectancy. The scientists expressed frank surprise at the unanticipated results.

ESS60 is C60 that has been processed for safer human consumption.

ESS60 Chemical Structure

ESS60 Chemical Structure

Carbon is a naturally occurring chemical element. Its atoms have high valency, which means that it can combine with several other types of particles to form new chemical compounds. Carbon can even connect with itself, forming carbon nanotubes and a wide range of other molecules.

The many different forms that carbon molecules can take are called allotropes. Carbon allotropes are common and widely varied. If you use a graphite pencil to write with or wear diamond jewelry, you are already familiar with two of the most familiar allotropes of carbon.

The shape of the ESS60 molecule have the appearance of soccer balls. The bonds between the carbon atoms form 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons that come together in a spheroid shape. The hexagons and pentagons meet each other at 60 points, which is where the carbon atoms reside.

ESS60 as Antioxidant

If you remember taking chemistry in school, you may recall that atoms consist of a nucleus surrounded by orbiting subatomic particles called electrons. Electrons are always seeking to balance one another by pairing with an electron in the same orbit, but with an opposite spin.

Some atoms and molecules have unpaired electrons. This means that there is only one electron in a particular orbit. Unpaired electrons make atoms and chemical compounds unstable. These unstable atoms and molecules are called free radicals. Their efforts to find electrons to pair with can put stress on cells and contribute to degenerative conditions.

Free radicals are present in processed foods and air pollution. This means that no one can completely get away from them. However, antioxidants like ESS60 can neutralize them so that they do not put stress on cells. ESS60 works by either donating electrons to the free radical to stabilize it or accepting spare electrons from free radicals, which are neutralized as a result.

ESS60 Benefits

ESS60 Benefits

In addition to its antioxidant benefits, ESS60 has also demonstrated the following potentially helpful properties:

ESS60 can be taken internally or applied topically. There are no known adverse side effects. Find out more about the potential benefits of ESS60 olive oil from MyVitalC.

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