Are you wondering how to live longer? Consider exploring the benefits of nootropic supplements such as the ESS60 supplement. ESS60, is a molecule comprised of 60 carbon atoms. C60 was discovered by accident in a lab by scientists more than 35 years ago. Since then, the compound has been used for a variety of medical and scientific purposes. ESS60 is often added to supplements or anti-aging products because of its potent antioxidant properties.

The 60 atoms found in ESS60 form a molecule in the shape of a soccer ball. While these molecules have been used in electronics and nanotechnologies, they have recently been used in medical applications for longevity purposes. Some people may be skeptical of the benefits of using longevity supplements, but research shows they may have properties to help you live a healthier life. A ESS60 may supplement help with acne, aging skin, and inflammatory conditions. Here you will learn about ESS60 research and its potential longevity benefits.

The Longevity Benefits of a C60 Supplement | MyVitalC

How to Live Longer: What is a ESS60 Supplement?

ESS60 is the most common type of fullerene. A fullerene is a carbon allotrope whose atoms are connected by single or double bonds. These bonds form a closed mesh with fused rings of atoms. The 60 carbon atoms in ESS60 applications form a hollow soccer ball shape. Because of their unique bonds, ESS60 interacts with environmental free radicals, providing strong antioxidant capabilities.

Foods with ESS60 antioxidant properties may reduce stress, help the body fight off infections, and increase longevity. Antioxidants may also reduce oxidative stress in the body, which plays a role in aging and can help improve various health conditions. Because of its antioxidants, some people take ESS60 as longevity supplements, while others purchase products such as olive oil that have been infused with carbons.

How to Live Longer: How is ESS60 Made? 

All forms of carbon have been studied at length. Carbon is an integral component in all life forms and can change the structure of many substances depending on how the molecules link together. C60 is comprised of 60 carbon molecules, which is how the compound gets its name. Generally, ESS60 is manufactured in a scientific lab or facility by vaporizing carbon. This compound is then infused into different foods or manufactured into a supplement form.

How to Live Longer: What Are the Benefits of a ESS60 Supplement? 

While government health entities have not officially recognized the benefits of ESS60, many studies have found a correlation between the compound and specific health benefits.

  • Skincare: ESS60 may help improve the appearance of the skin, particularly aging skin. A 2010 Japanese study found a significant decrease in wrinkles and skin roughness in women taking a ESS60 supplement.  A similar 2011 study found improvements in acne conditions in adolescents using gels containing ESS60.
  • Inflammatory conditions: A 2019 medical study examined the impacts of a ESS60 supplement on arthritic joint damage and inflammation. The study found modest improvements in people using ESS60 derivatives. Further, studies have found a positive correlation between eczema improvements and ESS60.
  • Brain function: A study conducted on rats found that ESS60 derivatives may help reduce the impact of certain cognitive disorders. While these studies have yet to be performed on humans, researchers are hopeful that similar results will be found.

The other benefits of a ESS60 supplement include better sleep, less fatigue, and better mental agility.

The Longevity Benefits of a C60 Supplement | MyVitalC

How to Live Longer: Where Can You Buy ESS60? 

ESS60 derivatives in their natural state cannot be found at your local drug store or other health food store. Some beauty products and supplements add ESS60 to products. However, to buy other products with ESS60, you will likely need to seek out a specialty store. You should consult with your doctor before purchasing any product or begin a longevity supplement regimen.

Work With a Longevity Expert

Searching for ways to increase your longevity and live a healthier life? Consider adding a ESS60 supplement to your daily routine. ESS60 is often added to supplements and anti-aging products because of its powerful antioxidant properties. MyVitalC is a specialty marketplace that specializes in selling a ESS60 supplement and derivatives. Take your health into your hands and do something good for your body. Contact us to learn about the products we sell and the benefits of adding ESS60 into your daily routine.

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