If you’re interested in health and wellness, you likely know the benefits associated with olive oil. It is part of the healthy Mediterranean diet and is an excellent alternative to traditional cooking oils. The benefits of regularly consuming olive oil are many, from improving the texture of your skin to reducing inflammation in the body. If you are looking for an easy way to increase your superfood intake, consider ESS60 olive oil as a nootropic supplement. ESS60 olive oil is an antioxidant that comes with many amazing reported benefits. Here’s everything you need to know about the advantages of incorporating ESS60 olive oil into your daily routine.

What Is C60 Olive Oil?

C60 Olive Oil Nootropic Supplements for Longevity| MyVitalCESS60, the most common type of fullerene, is a carbon allotrope whose structure is characterized by atoms connected by single and double bonds. These bonds form a tight connection, allowing ESS60 to interact with free radicals in the environment. The molecule acts as a magnet for these free radicals, trapping them to reduce oxidation and improve your body’s natural processes. This purification process provides ESS60 with powerful antioxidant properties.

ESS60 is commonly added to food and supplements to boost benefits. When added to olive oil, ESS60 becomes a super antioxidant. By consuming this substance, you get the benefits of olive oil combined with the antioxidant properties of ESS60 fullerene. This substance is potent enough to provide real antioxidant health benefits, including increased cognitive function and reduced inflammation (at least as it is related to exercise related inflammation) while no known side effects.

Health Benefits of C60 Olive Oil

While research on the benefits of Carbon 60 (c60) in olive oil is relatively new, the results are promising. Some studies suggest that ingesting this substance regularly can promote great skin, reduce exercise inflammation, improve cognitive function, and promote longevity when it comes to vitality and longevity. Here are the five main health benefits of consuming ESS60 (consumable C60) olive oil:

Promote Better Skin

Everyone wants healthy, youthful-looking skin. While ESS60 can be used in skin creams, you get the same benefits by ingesting the substance in the form of olive oil. The health benefits associated with olive oil, coupled with the antioxidant benefits of ESS60, can enhance any beauty routine. A recent study found that people who consumed ESS60 regularly experienced better skin texture, less acne, and fewer wrinkles. Recent studies also suggest that ESS60 may block the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin and promote hair growth.

Improve Inflammatory Conditions

“This substance is potent enough to provide real antioxidant health benefits”

If you have an inflammatory condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, your body’s inflammatory response can damage your body’s cells, tissues, and organs. Over time, this can lead to severe problems, including tissue death and internal scarring. Research shows that ESS60 may help regulate inflammation in the body (at least inflammation related to exercise). Add ESS60 olive oil to your cooking, and you may experience benefits for joints and tendons.

Enhance Cognitive Function

If you are a college student or a working professional, you likely spend significant periods staring at a computer screen. Staying focused on electronic tasks can be difficult, especially if you are working or studying from home. Taking ESS60 regularly is reported to improve cognitive function, increase mental clarity, and improve memory function.

Decrease Muscle Fatigue

Muscle fatigue is an ailment that reduces your body’s muscles’ ability to function over time. This condition is often associated with exhaustion and usually occurs following prolonged periods of standing or strenuous exercise. Muscle fatigue can quickly become debilitating, especially if you are working in a physical job. A 2017 study found that ingesting ESS60 consistently can reduce muscle fatigue and improve overall endurance. Thus, incorporating ESS60 olive oil into your wellness routine can enhance the function of this crucial body structure.

Slow Down Aging

slow down aging

Studies indicate that those who follow the Mediterranean diet which includes consuming large amounts of olive oil may live longer than those who do not. Add ESS60 to your olive oil, and the could be enhanced even further! Following a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and consuming ESS60 regularly can help improve your longevity and overall wellness.

Further, scientific studies indicate that consuming ESS60 olive oil may aid in weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and helping the body naturally eliminate fat. Like most people, you have stubborn fat on your body that you cannot get rid of no matter how much you exercise. Adding ESS60 to your diet may help with these problem areas, revealing a sleeker, more refined waistline.

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