While global life expectancy is on the rise, the average lifespan in the United States is falling. With this alarming data on the table, it’s no wonder people are on the search for the proverbial fountain of youth. Maybe you can’t live forever, you can increase your chances of enjoying a long healthy life with the right lifestyle and longevity supplements.

The Science of Longevity and ESS60

While some longevity factors, such as your genetic makeup, are impossible to change, there are things that you can do to increase your lifespan. ESS60 healthy aging supplements offer numerous benefits that can help increase longevity.

Understanding ESS60

ESS60 is a carbon molecule that looks like a soccer ball and performs two important functions. It increases the essential antioxidants CoQ10, superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione, which decrease with age, while simultaneously capturing free radicals that would otherwise inhibit cell function.

History of ESS60

The molecule was discovered in 1985 by Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, and Harold Kroto. They won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery. In the years that followed, scientists conducted numerous studies using ESS60 on rodents and, later, humans. 

The Connection Between ESS60 and Longevity

When administered orally with olive oil, ESS60 was shown to nearly double the lifespan of rats. In other studies, ESS60 has been shown to reduce inflammation and inhibit the formation of fat cells. This is likely responsible for many of its longevity perks, as inflammation and obesity are both linked to a shorter lifespan.

Comparing ESS60 and Other Longevity Supplements

There are dozens of companies anxious to sell you anti-aging supplements, but not all products are created equal. It’s important to know what you’re buying and how it can help you identify the top longevity supplement based on qualitative measures.

How Does ESS60 Stand Out Among Other Supplements?

Many supplements can help support a long, healthy lifespan, such as probiotics for a balanced gut, omega-3 fatty acids for strong cell membranes, and green tea extract to prevent cell damage. However, these supplements don’t focus specifically on aging. As you get older, your body produces fewer antioxidants. ESS60 addresses this issue directly by helping to boost antioxidants – serving as a true longevity activator.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons

Many supplements boost vitamins and nutrients that you may lack in your diet, such as magnesium, vitamin D, or fiber. The drawback to these longevity supplements is that they often fall short of the benefits you’ll get if you ingest these nutrients in their natural form through a healthy diet. ESS60 supplements provide something you won’t get in a nutritious diet, filling a gap in your wellness regimen.

Avoiding Low-Quality Products

When purchasing ESS60 healthy aging supplements, look for a reliable brand with glowing customer reviews. Make sure you can find the product’s return policy and contact information for customer service, ensuring that you’re buying from a legitimate company.


The Potential of ESS60 as a Tool for Longevity

ESS60 has been a popular topic since it’s discovery in 1985. Research is ongoing with great potential for the future.

Current Research Trends in ESS60 and Longevity

We know that ESS60 is generally safe for animals and humans and that it’s shown great potential to increase longevity. However, the finer points of its function are still being explored. Scientists are now examining the possibility of using ESS60 to treat idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, impact insulin resistance, and more.

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Key Factors to Consider When Buying ESS60 Longevity Nutritional Supplements

When you’re looking for longevity nutritional supplements, it’s important to choose ESS60 products that combine the carbon molecule with oil for better delivery. The best ingredient for this purpose is organic extra virgin olive oil.