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You and your friend are at the gym working out. You decide to have a friendly little race on the treadmills when you realize how out of breath you are. As you try to keep up with your friend you notice they’re not so winded. They’re speeding along just fine. If this were a real track they would have lapped you by now! You’re about to ask what’s their secret when you recall they took something called MyVitalC. 

“That can’t be helping them, can it?” If you’ve always wanted to make the most of your workout, read on to learn more about Vital C.

Get the Workout Boost You Need

Your body can get used to sitting around.

The First WorkoutVital C

Do you remember the first gym class after summer vacation? The teacher’s whistle was blowing hard while you were trying not to fall over from exhaustion. Your legs got sore as your lungs begged for air. You were so winded at the end you wondered if you had the strength to walk.

If you’ve ever felt like this, you are not alone. Your classmates were probably struggling, too, and with good reason. See, the body can get used to inactivity. If you spent your whole summer playing video games and marathoning movies, your body settled into that. But the moment you actually moved beyond putting in the next Star Wars movie, you felt wiped. So why does this happen? It has to do with free radicals and oxidation.

The RadicalsVital C

As we have touched on before, oxidation is the process of oxygen molecules bonding themselves to other chemicals. This it’s the same process that turns fruits brown, like apples and banana peels. Experiencing a lot of oxidation (called oxidative stress) can lead to free radicals.

On the whole, free radicals aren’t totally bad. The body has been known to use free radicals to fight sickness. But if you have too many for your system to handle, you can feel almost unnaturally tired. What makes things worse is that you can get too many free radicals from many things, like smoking, poor diet, and yes, even exercising. In fact, the overabundance of free radicals may be causing you to feel extra tired after working out. Some might be so turned off by that feeling that they forgo workouts altogether.

“Why work out when it only makes you feel worse?”

Luckily there is something you can do.

Keep Free Radicals at Bay

Antioxidants can help you push through your sleepiness and work out harder.

The Power of Antioxidants and MyVitalCVital C

Here’s the thing with exercising. The first few times take a lot out of you. But after a while, your body will get to used to the workout just like it got used to Star Wars marathons. Eventually, your body will be able to produce enough antioxidants to fight the free radicals. It’s why running the same distance each day gets easier and easier. It’s also why you’ll be less winded after each run and try running longer next time.

“Okay, but where does MyVitalC fit into all this?”

The magic of Vital C has to do with its antioxidant properties. Instead of giving one free electron to stabilize free radicals, it has several. Vital C can stabilize so many free radicals that you’ll feel less tired after workouts. Plus, as your body grows accustomed to working out, Vital C can push you to work out harder. Not only will this help you keep up your new workout plan, but you can also keep up with anyone you work out with.

Are You Ready to Feel Better and be Healthier?

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