Live Longer and Better: by Chris Burres Co-Founder of SES Research, Inc. and Jerome Corsi 2X New York Times Best Seller


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Live Longer and Better:

Your Journey to Living Longer and Better Has Never Been More Achievable Than Today

by Chris Burres and Jerome Corsi

Live Longer and Better: Your Journey to Living Longer and Better Has Never Been More Achievable Than Today Book by Chris Burres and Jerome Corsi

This book tells the life story of Christopher Burres, the cofounder of SES Research Inc. in Houston, Texas, the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of scientific-grade carbon 60, and explores how his work with the Nobel Prize–winning scientists who discovered this miracle molecule made him revitalize his thinking—revealing that all of us can live an exciting life, longer and better than we have ever imagined.


Don’t we all want to live longer—a lot longer?

“What if I told you that you could live to be 125 years old?” Burres asks. In Live Longer and Better, Burres shares the secrets he has learned in his quest to extend life productively. “I decided to reinvent myself, imagining how I could challenge the world’s longevity record,” Burres explains. “We have written this book because we want to challenge you to do the same.”

Begin your journey to healthy living with this captivating narrative of Live Longer and Better, a compelling exploration of Carbon 60 (C60) — a remarkable geodesic dome and a symbol of innovation and possibility. Through Burres’ journey, gain insight into the potential of C60 to revolutionize our understanding of longevity and vitality, offering the promise of a more exhilarating and fulfilling existence than ever imagined.

Burres’ journey began in the 1980s when he collaborated with Nobel Prize-winning scientists at Rice University, embarking on an adventure that would ultimately lead to the creation of ESS60®, the highest-quality Carbon 60 available today.. Unravel the life story of Christopher Burres, co-founder of SES Research Inc., a pioneering institution in Houston, Texas, dedicated to manufacturing and supplying scientific-grade C60. Discover how Burres’ collaboration with Nobel Prize-winning scientists who uncovered the extraordinary properties of this miracle molecule transformed not only his own perspective but also the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

The groundbreaking research conducted by Professor Tarek Baati and Dr. Fathi Moussa shed light on the potential life-extending properties of carbon 60, sparking global interest in its health benefits. In Live Longer and Better, Burres unveils the secrets he has uncovered on his quest for a longer and more fulfilling life. With each page, you’ll be more inspired to reimagine your own potential for longevity and vitality. Burres challenges readers to embrace the possibility of living longer – perhaps even to the age of 125 – and shares practical insights to help you unlock your full potential.

Discover the transformative power of carbon 60 and learn how you too can live longer and better. Join Burres on this extraordinary adventure and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life.

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